maple sap boiling

Rural Reflections from a Toronto Hipster

My Hipsters Guide to Maple Sap Boiling

Maple sap boiling in an evaporator.

Our Longest Maple Sap Boiling Ever

A 36 Hour Sap Boil

Never during my Toronto Corso Italia years would I have thought I’d be maple sap boiling in a rural community. I never even attended an Ontario maple syrup festival during my city life years, but that hasn’t stopped me from tapping maple trees for their yummy goodness. 

Maple sap boiling is a time consuming process, therefore it’s important to binge watch movies or TV shows. During one maple sap boil, it’s easy to complete a full Netflix series or multiple movie sequels . You never know how much binge watching there will be because many factors influence how long a maple sap boil will last, including amount of water in the sap, elevation, and barometric pressure.

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