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Drinking Maple Sap for Health Benefits

drinking maple sap fresh from a maple sap collection bucket

Impressive Health Benefits

Derived from Drinking Maple Sap

Drinking maple sap fresh from the maple tree is a secret Canadian rural rite of passage. There are two ways to drink maple sap fresh. People may put their mouth directly under the spigot and let the sap drip into it or they collect it in a bucket and guzzle the sap ice cold – known as the Canadian maple sap bucket challenge.

Hearty rural Canadians will grab a full bucket of maple sap right off the tree and down the whole thing during the long cold hours of a maple sap boiling. The sap provides them the energy required to pull the sugar shack all nighters. Without this fresh maple sap they would be unable to craft maple syrup because the sap to syrup  process is very long and tiring.

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My Hipsters Guide to Maple Sap Boiling

Maple sap boiling in an evaporator.

Our Longest Maple Sap Boiling Ever

A 36 Hour Sap Boil

Never during my Toronto Corso Italia years would I have thought I’d be maple sap boiling in a rural community. I never even attended an Ontario maple syrup festival during my city life years, but that hasn’t stopped me from tapping maple trees for their yummy goodness. 

Maple sap boiling is a time consuming process, therefore it’s important to binge watch movies or TV shows. During one maple sap boil, it’s easy to complete a full Netflix series or multiple movie sequels . You never know how much binge watching there will be because many factors influence how long a maple sap boil will last, including amount of water in the sap, elevation, and barometric pressure.

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The Hipsters Guide To Tapping Maple Trees

Enchanted Forest lined with results of tapping maple trees

The Art and Science Behind

Tapping Maple Trees

Toronto life didn’t prepare me for tapping maple trees, I didn’t even own a good drill capable of driving the bit into a tree. When tapping maple trees for sap, a drill more powerful than one for used hanging picture frames is required. After all, the tree is solid maple and not thin Toronto apartment drywall.

Maple is adamantium compared to a Toronto apartment wall. You know the stuff used to craft Captain America’s shield and Wolverine’s claws. Every Marvel fan knows adamantium is unbreakable, and with the wrong drill, maple trees are pretty darn unbreakable too.

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Why The Time Change Is Bad

max cuddled up in blankets

The Time Change Is Bad For My Health

And Confuses Our Cats Meal Time

According to scientists and podcasters, the time change is bad for our health. There’s something completely unnatural about jumping our clocks ahead like we are futuristic time travelers. Until we discover how to actually bend time we really shouldn’t be messing with it. Therefore it’s time we undid the magic behind springing ahead and falling back.

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Impactful Cover Letter Results

grey highlands old blady lookout group photo

Powerful words for impactful cover letter results hasn’t changed since my ’90s resume writing days

Having a list of powerful words for impactful cover letter results that you can quickly access will speed up the cover letter writing process and make it less challenging too. The list of words hasn’t changed much since my position as a part-time resume writer for at-risk youth and new immigrants for Alternative Youth Centre of Employment (AYCE) operated by Tropicana Community Services.  

This is so far back in the day, the Sheppard subway extension was just under construction – making my TTC commute from Queen West and McCaul St. to Victoria Park and Sheppard Ave even longer! The commute was made bearable because I was contributing to Exclaim, and used the hour and half both ways to review albums on compact disc.

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Grey Highlands Snow vs Toronto Snow

Snow shoveling in Grey Highlands

Grey Highlands residents celebrate snow

City folks loath it

There is a dramatic difference between how people from Toronto interact with snow, and Grey Highlands residents do. With an annual snowfall of approximately 330 centimeters, Grey Highland residents celebrate and prepare for snow days. Toronto residents practically fall apart on the first hint of snow. For good reason too, any snow is going to wreck the morning commute.

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