Powerful words for impactful cover letter results hasn’t changed since my ’90s resume writing days

Having a list of powerful words for impactful cover letter results that you can quickly access will speed up the cover letter writing process and make it less challenging too. The list of words hasn’t changed much since my position as a part-time resume writer for at-risk youth and new immigrants for Alternative Youth Centre of Employment (AYCE) operated by Tropicana Community Services.  

This is so far back in the day, the Sheppard subway extension was just under construction – making my TTC commute from Queen West and McCaul St. to Victoria Park and Sheppard Ave even longer! The commute was made bearable because I was contributing to Exclaim, and used the hour and half both ways to review albums on compact disc.

I haven’t thought about AYCE until I began writing this post on words for impactful cover letter results, but it was a rewarding job and I lasted about eighteen months. Burn out in the employment services field is high, and at the end of the day using the same seventy-fire words and sentence structures over-and-over again wasn’t great for my creative health.

Reflections on Resume and Cover Letter Writing

A quick Google search for impactful words for cover letter results turned up numerous lists going well beyond those original seventy-five. These lists are a great starting point because writing a cover letter and resume, even for innovative communicators, is a challenging and time consuming process.

Interested in challenging myself, I’m applying to communications job postings that are outside the cannabis space. Composing an impactful cover letter demonstrating my corporate communication skills and experiences are transferable is a time consuming task, but starting to show results.

My cover writing process begins with reviewing the website, looking for potential keywords to incorporate. By this point I’ve reviewed the company’s mission, vision, values, and Senior Leadership Team bios if available, to determine if I truly do want to work there. These are good people culture indicators, and accepting the mission is part and parcel of accepting a job there. 

Another source for best words for impactful cover letter results is the job posting itself. Recruiters and Talent Acquisition people will seed the corporate voice into their job posts. A cover letter and resume reflecting their word choice may demonstrate to hiring managers your attention to detail and fit within the organization.

A crazy weather blog and now a post on best words for impactful cover letters. Not exactly the MERNAGH content people are accustomed to, but we live in legal times. I’m also practicing my Search Engine Optimization skills with this post. 

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